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Malherbe Paris, The Creative Agency That Evokes A Luxury Lifestyle
Sep 19, 2019



Malherbe Paris is an independent creative agency, an international leader in retail design, with offices in Paris, Shanghai and Hong Kong. The agency creates innovative concepts for brands, from mass market to luxury. Today, Luxury Yachts would like to talk to you about the variety of this brand’s professional projects and its fundamental concept.


Credits by Malherbe Paris

Meet Malherbe Paris, one of the most famous interior design agencies in France specialized in retail design. They create innovative concepts for brands, from luxury to mass markets, with a majority of clients positioned as a leader in their fields. Specializing in retail and hospitality design, the firm, headed by Hubert de Malherbe, is very well known thanks to the outstanding retail interiors they create.


Credits by Malherbe Paris

They are also recognized for designing the interior of the TBM 930 (the new single-engine aircraft designed and assembled by Daher and launched in 2016, Ed., Declination of the TBM 900). The designer, Hubert de Malherbe, imagined seats with red stitching and a cabin atmosphere both chic and sporty.



Credits by Malherbe Paris

Their unique and modern approach to how a retail business should look like while maintaining the French heritage as a core pillar is probably what defines the best Malherbe Paris’ work. Due to the 17-year-long collaboration with Dior, they learned how to create the most outstanding retail interiors. For the agency, it’s important that it portrays the brand’s culture as well as the knowledge about the brand’s target.



Credits by Malherbe Paris

Over the years, Malherbe Paris has worked with a variety of gifted artists and craftsmen, whose efforts helped elevate the good name of Malherbe to the spotlights where it shines today. Craftsmanship has a very important role to play in retail design, thus to have unique, high-quality designs that can stand the traumas of time and misuse means to have a timeless and tireless design.


Credits by Malherbe Paris

Hubert names the Studio’s strong Asian presence in virtue of the exponential growth of the Far-Eastern culture. With offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong, Asia is quickly becoming a core market for the French Studio, as the righteous Asian community evermore seek the essence of Design Française.



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