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Luxury Yacht Destination Guides
Luxury Destinations: The Most Outstanding Caribbean’s Beaches
Nov 18, 2016

The Caribbean Islands is one of the best locations for one to calmly relax in the company of deep turquoise waters, white sand beaches as only 2% is inhabited. Not to mention, the phenomenal weather. Most importantly, it is one of the best places in the world to anchor a yacht while going about your vacation which is quite the valid option for yachting enthusiasts. Today, Luxury Yachts will make a selection of the most outstanding beaches in the Caribbean Islands.

Source: Traveler Corner

Flamenco Beach, Puerto Rico

Source: World of Travel

Situated on Culebra, otherwise known as the Snake Island, Flamenco is the perfect beach to scuba dive through clear waters and to sunbathe.

Grace Bay Beach, Providenciales,  Turks and Caicos

Source: The Sands at Grace Bay

Presenting the idyllic white sands which, Grace Bay is a sanctuary for yacht charter guests. The sapphire and turquoise waters are also the main attraction.

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The Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Source: Travel Super Market

Due to volcanic history, the beach is characterised for its geological formations, having strange looking granite rocks and boulders. The beach also has interconnected pools so take advantage of this to snorkel your way around.

Bathsheba, Barbadoes

bathsheba - beaches
Source: Planet Barbados

Distinguished by uniquely shaped rocks and ancient reefs, the beach offers all the freedom to surf. Add rum punch and you will have an awesome day.

Shell Beach, St. Barts Islands

shell-beach - beaches
Source: Handpicked Villas

Brimming with sea shells, one can comfortably relax in this beach to striking sunsets. If you live on the edge, you can also enjoy cliff diving as it is quite the popular sport in the area.

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Tell us which one of these beaches would you like to be on right now and celebrate the world of yachts with us. In addition, please watch the video below with an exclusive tour of our Covet House. You won’t be disappointed!

Source: Charter World

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