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Florida and the Bahamas
Luxury Yacht Destination: The Bahamas
Nov 21, 2014

The Bahamas are world-renowned as one of the finest luxury yacht charter destinations, close enough to the USA to incorporate into a charter itinerary yet epitomising the tropical island paradise feel of the Caribbean. The Bahamas archipelago comprises more than 700 islands and is protected by one of the world’s largest barrier reefs, providing safe cruising areas and unlimited possibilities for diving and watersports. With a year-round balmy climate, white sand beaches and secluded hideaways mixed with luxury resorts, shopping, gourmet restaurants and world-class golf courses, the Bahamas are the ultimate vacation escape.

Luxury Yacht DestinationThe Bahamas 1 Atlantis Aerial Luxury Yacht DestinationThe Bahamas 6

The Bahamian island chain begins with Bimini, just 45 miles from Miami, stretching all the way to the Turks, 500 miles to the southwest. The Bahamas is a brilliant charter location that has either excitement or serenity, depending on your mood, and is also within easy access for both American and European yacht charter vacations.

Luxury Yacht DestinationThe Bahamas 2 Luxury Yacht DestinationThe Bahamas 4 Luxury Yacht DestinationThe Bahamas 5 Luxury Yacht DestinationThe Bahamas 7

Presently the Bahamas are very popular amoungst crewed luxury superyachts, whether the boats are for charter or they are private owners’ use. However, back in history, this is where Christopher Columbus arrived in 1492 and has in earlier days been an area sailed by swashbuckling pirates and privateers looking for places to bury their plunder in the many secluded anchorages. In many places little has changed since these early days and the Bahamas still features exceptional sailing on the warm Gulf Stream, turquoise waters and moderate winds.

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