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Luxury Yacht Destination Guides
5 Original Luxury Yacht Destinations to Adventure this Year
Jul 6, 2017

In today’s article, our blog will display a wide range of luxury yacht destinations that would make for a memorable and one-of-a-kind vacation. In these locations, there are limitless opportunities to let your wild side fly high, from exploring cave dive sites to trekking through the jungle to boarding a luxury charter or superyacht, to going on a helicopter tour, and countless other activities. Take a look at 5 original destinations to absolutely adventure until the year is over.

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The Kimberley, Australia

5 Original Luxury Yacht Destinations to Adventure During the Summer 2
Image Credit to Anda Ocean Adventures/Boab UAS

Located in Western Australia, the Kimberly is the perfect location to spend the holidays if one prefers rugged ranges, dramatic waterfalls and plenty of serenity. With more than 2,000 untamed islands and a coastline that is mostly inaccessible by land, it is best discovered by yacht. With limited facilities, explorer capabilities are required to make the most of this incredible region.

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

5 Original Luxury Yacht Destinations to Adventure During the Summer 4
Image Credit to Shutterstock/Kimberly Shavender

If you are looking to get a real taste of nature, then the perfect destination becomes the Galápagos Islands. There you will be able to sightsee the most amazing wildlife, including turtles, marine iguanas, eagle rays, seahorses, dolphins, sea lions as well as 28 different species of sharks. The islands have a strict policy when it comes to diving, thus one can only do it if accompanied by a local company, however, it will absolutely worth it. Throughout the years, the islands have become more accessible to visit by superyacht which is perfect for those who love to explore the seas.


5 Original Luxury Yacht Destinations to Adventure During the Summer 3
Image Credit to Barbara Barbour/Shutterstock

Considered one of the last wilderness regions in the world, the Chilean Patagonia is the ultimate destination for yachting enthusiasts. Although one can only navigate during daylight, the area is perfect to get on board a small sailing yacht or a luxury megayacht, especially in the Summer or New Years. Patagonia offers mesmerizing sceneries and pristine environments.

Komodo, Indonesia

5 Original Luxury Yacht Destinations to Adventure During the Summer 1
Image Credit to Ivoha/ Shutterstock

Komodo in Indonesia is best known for its smoking volcanoes, beautiful landscapes and wildlife, such as Komodo Dragons and the largest lizards in the world. If you are looking to go on an exotic cruise, then this is a must visit.

Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

5 Original Luxury Yachts Destinations to Adventure During the Summer 5
Image Credit to Fabricio Travassos/Shutterstock

Brazil is perhaps one of the best destinations to travel by superyacht. Characterized by a rugged structure, at Fernando de Noronha, visitors can dive, watch dolphins in the Baía dos Golfinhos, hike in tropical wilderness, visit the most stunning beaches, and various other alluring aspects,

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Source: Boat International

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