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Top 5 best movie locations to visit on a yacht
Jan 18, 2019

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If you’re both a movie and a yacht lover this is probably going to be the article for you. We bring you our choices for a top 5 list of the best movie locations to visit on a yacht.

Port Clyde, Maine (Forrest Gump)

Top 5 best movie locations to visit on a yacht

When Gump’s is going through his literal cross-country he reaches Marshall Point Lighthouse. This spot became very attractive for many curious tourists and fans of the film, and we can guarantee that seeing this lighthouse on your yacht is a memorable experience you’ll remember. Fun fact: there’s a museum on the site which has a part dedicated to the documentation of the filming of the movie.

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Vis, Croatia (Mamma Mia!)

Top 5 best movie locations to visit on a yacht

Mamma Mia’s set may appear Greek, but (shocker!) it was actually shot in Croatia. This set was located in a former Yugoslav military base which became open to the public in 1989. Since then and with the popularity of the musical many superyachts have gone there to check out the island’s white-sand shores.

Maui, Hawaii (Jurassic Park)

Top 5 best movie locations to visit on a yacht

The first installment of Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic sci-fi saga was shot in Maui, Hawaii. While looking around the scenery of the movie we can see many rare botanical specimens such as the largest collection of purple Ti plants, as well as an outstanding century-old mango tree.  While you pass by on your yacht make sure you don’t miss the lookout point, where the Keopuka “Jurassic” Rock is.

Indian River, Dominica (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest)

If you saw the movie you may remember this set from when Jack Sparrow and his gang pay a visit to Tia Dalma’s wooden shack. This swamp-like set is located on the banks of the Indian River. If you head upstream you can make a quick stop at Cobra’s Bush Bar for a certain signature drink. After all: what’s a Pirate’s tour without a little rum?

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Skellig Michael, Ireland (Star Wars – The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi)

Top 5 best movie locations to visit on a yacht

Last but not least we have the mysterious island where Rey found Luke Skywalker in this new Star Wars saga. Skellig Michael is located at least seven miles off the western Irish coast. Onshore you can explore an ancient monastery and some archaeological remains. Perhaps you’ll be able to find the remains of the First Jedi Temple, who knows.



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