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How to make an interior yacht look bigger
Oct 28, 2014

Sailing through the see release a tremendous feeling of freedom, mainly because its hugeness. But sometimes, there are yachts almost inappropriate for claustrophobics, by the less amount of free space. It doesn’t make sense have a luxury yacht, travel cross the sea, and having no space in the yachts interior.

It’s here, that yachts interior designers finds their challenge: make what feels too small feel bigger and vice versa without resorting to drastic measures.

Boatinternational had a talk with David Easton, a Manhattan based architect, known  by the interiors he’s designed for billionaires like Sumner Redstone and Patricia Kluge. Now, in partnership with Hoek Design, Easton is winning equal fame for Marie’s interiors, a 54.8m Vitters sailing yacht launched last year. Before looking to Easton’s advices  to make an interior yacht more spaciousness, take a look at Marie’s interior.

Marie's Interior Marie's Interior 6 Marie's Interior 5 Marie's Interior 3 Marie's Interior 2

Easton advices to making a small space large:

1. The key to making a small space large is not only a sense of scale, it’s giving that scale a sense of excitement. Soften the upholstery fabrics so they blend in with the surrounding walls. I prefer neutrals. They’re less jarring to the eye.Too many jarring contrasts and interruptions make a small space cramped.

2. Mirrors on side panels bring the outside in, expanding the space.

3. You should think furniture pieces as sculpture. When they’re resting directly on the floor they will feel heavy. You can get them to ‘float’ by putting them on legs. Let air surround them. Easton even says that “a blue-tinted ceiling enhances the ‘float’ upwards. Eighteen inches is the usual seating height. Scaling furniture back to 17 inches high makes a big difference, though not noticeable.”

David Easton tips are essential for every interior yacht design project. If you’re looking for some other advices, you’ll always find similar ones to the Easton’s.

In any case, the quantity of space that you have will always be a matter of scale. If your interior decoration is well related it will feel good, if it’s not, it’s time to do some work. There’s not luxury interior without the real pleasure of being there.

Stay with more photos of Easton’s job on Marie’s yacht interior.

Marie's Interior 8 Marie's Interior 7 Marie's Interior 4 Marie's Interior 1

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9 years ago

step 1: be rich

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