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Luxury Yachts
Introducing a New Superyacht Concept by Nick Mezas and Amels
Dec 9, 2016

Alongside shipyard Amels, Nick Mezas is going to introduce their new superyacht concept, a 74 metres motor yacht. It is the designers’ first collaboration with the prominent yacht group. Be mesmerised by this long distance travelling vessel that offers everything you would hope for in a luxury yacht and let’s take a look at some of the superyacht’s features.

superyacht concept 1

“The inspiration to designing this custom project came from years of following and admiring the workmanship and quality of the superyachts from Amels. The starting point was to create a beautiful yacht for long-distance cruising in complete comfort, whether being out on the yacht’s expansive exterior decks or inside.”

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superyacht-concept-2Characterised by its modern and timeless style, the superyacht accommodates about 12 guests. It displays a hull of white and dark grey colour and its interiors and exterior are very spacious. On every deck, it features low beam bulwarks with railings of stainless steel which offers stellar views of its surroundings. The yacht has slanted knuckles on the forward deck which provide for natural lighting.

superyacht concept 3When it comes to features, this superyacht concept has an owner’s deck which measures 240 square feet and has all the amenities one would hope for, from a private lounge to an office, to unisex bathrooms and walk-in wardrobes. Guests can also enjoy two mammoth VIP suites on the main deck and three on the lower one that gives access to a full beam wellness centre and a folding beach terrace where guests can a have a relaxing and fun time. In addition, the main deck also has a party area which includes a bar, a dance floor, and an infinity pool. An helipad, a sunbathing area, and a lounging area can also be found on the bridge deck.

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superyacht concept 4On a final note, the extensive sun deck has a sort of mix of a jacuzzi with a sunbathing area while also counting with two lounging areas that offer an excellent vantage point when cruising or anchoring. Overall, it is the perfect vessel to just have a good time. Feel free to comment below on this marvellous superyacht concept by Nick Mezas and Amels.

Please watch the video below which is a tour of Covet House. You will not be disappointed!

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Photos by Nick Mezas Yacht Design

Source: Yacht Harbour

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