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Best Luxury Yachts
Luiz De Basto, A Studio That Specializes In Luxury Yachts Design
Nov 8, 2019

Luiz De Basto sits on a studio that highly specializes in the design of luxury yachts, custom and production boats, residential and unique commercial vessels. Since its full involvement through the whole creative process of yacht design and planning, this studio is able to share the most amazing projects, that are also able to impress every yacht lover. Today, Luxury Yachts is about to tell you everything about this prestigious yacht design company!

Credits by Luiz De Basto




Meet the prestigious studio that is able to deliver the most incredible yacht design projects you’ll ever see, Luiz De Basto. Besides the presentation of exquisite yachts, they also focus on the production of custom and production boats, residential and unique commercial vessels. To achieve those amazing results, they sit on a full-service kind of design service, guiding every client throughout the whole process.


Credits by Luiz De Basto

From basic and preliminary concept to the space planning, styling, and interior design, creativity and excellence are the main considerations, the studio makes sure that they’re always keeping up with the full potential of each project. To maximize the quality of the project, their goal is to pay attention to every client as if it was their last, compromising on doing only the best.


Credits by Luiz De Basto

According to the studio’s website “The path is the destination, every project and every client is a world in itself, and the result must be perfect“. Through that powerful statement, the design studio aims only to satisfy each client on a 100% level, as well looks to create the most innovative and sophisticated projects.


Credits by Luiz De Basto

The sketching part makes sure that the design studio is able to share every creative journey with the client, making them an essential part of the process, guiding them through every step, until the final result is presented. With that mindset, the clients feel included in every milestone of the design process, which makes out a sensorial and magnificent experience.


Credits by Luiz De Basto

Attention to detail and an open mind is one of the most important traits of this amazing and yacht design specialized studio. From traditional, modern, to eclectic, the important is to achieve harmony, good taste, and excellence in design. Luiz de Basto makes sure to pay the rightful attention to every client, and their projects are the living proof of that!


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