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Luxury Yachts
Meet the Amazing The Seataci – A New Yacht Concept
Nov 8, 2016

Luxury Yachts has the pleasure to present a luxury yacht that could potentially make the market in the future. It is a new yacht concept developed by Montrealer engineer Charles Bombardier and it is called The Seataci. This conceived yacht resembles the appearance and movements of a whale. So expect a few splashes here and there because this yacht is bound to make some noise in the industry. Now, it is time to showcase the uniqueness of its phenomenal characteristics.

The Seataci

This magnificent concept has an exceptional propulsion system by using a wave movement which facilitates its motion through the water. It is generated by two satellite engine pods which contain foils. These propelling pods are located underneath the yacht.

SeataciThis system is environment-friendly and quite accessible. It also provides the best views of the ocean as its hull is mostly submerged which is, in our opinion, a sight for sore eyes.

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the seataci

Now be amazed by this one: the upper deck may actually feature a swimming pool, a garden, yes you heard it correctly, and drone pads. Exclusivity at its finest!

characteristics While it can be customized at the buyers’ request, the Seataci yacht is predicted to cost $100 million. It may be a bit expensive but its beauty and rarity make it all worth it. In the course of time, it is going to develop a new era of yachts. A revolution is coming!

For More Information, check out this video courtesy by Imaginactive

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Source: Business Insider

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