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Most extravagant Yacht in the world
Jan 23, 2014

What would you do with 295 millions of euros? There is an idea, how about a super yacht with a replica of the Monaco circuit? His name is “The streets of Monaco” and he has 155 meters of pure extravagance. How do we know when we reach the point of the abuse? When we have a luxury yacht with part of the city and streets of Monaco recreated and scale F1 circuit. You can go drink a cocktail at bar or simply make a race on the kart circuit.

But that’s not all, If you get bored of the karting you can also enjoy on the several swimming pools, Jacuzzis or do motored water sports like mini submarine or jet skiing. If this is not enough and you are tired of sea life, you can take the helicopter and go take a coffee to the closest city depending were you want to take your floating city device.

The entire project is made by Yacht Island Design and the company doesn’t find yet buyers who want “embark” in this ideia.

For now I can let you with pictures of the interior design project.

Super Yacht Super Yacht Super Yacht


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