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Have a peek at 5 of the hottest yacht fireplaces ever
Mar 23, 2019

Yacht fireplaces are a thing, yes! Even in a vessel, there’s always the need to make a saloon (or any other division for that matter) cozier for guests and family, and the fireplace is definitely the element that always brings that extra coziness to a living room. So today we’re having a look at five fireplaces that prove that this market is more versatile than ever in this age!

Freedom by Benetti

Have a peek at 5 of the hottest yacht fireplaces ever

Our first entry on this list is also probably one of the most original fireplaces we’ve seen on a yacht, or in any home for that matter. The unique design of this fireplace has both a touch of nature and industrialism to it, not to mention the fact that it allows people to literally sit around the fire thanks to the couches placed all around the product. A perfect example among yacht fireplaces for people to chat while enjoying the flames in a 360º angle.

Kismet by Lurssen

Fire pits and other outdoor fireplaces are a trend these days, so it’s no wonder that this product would eventually reach luxury vessels and yacht fireplaces. In the case of the fireplace in the Kismet yacht, this is yet another open fireplace, but this time placed on the outside of the yacht. The firepit has a minimalistic look with glass protection all around it, however, it definitely has a modern and somewhat elegant touch to it. Can you imagine looking at the stars while at the same time watching the flames dancing beneath them?

Legend by IHC Verschure

The elegant and majestic fireplace of Legend is definitely an example of the best craftsmanship put to practice when it comes to its design in yacht fireplaces. Not only does it complement the interior finishings of the saloon, it successfully manages to become the centerpiece of the division. This is definitely the type of living room we’ve ever dreamed of having on the inside of a home.

Savannah by Feadship

Once again we have an example of how well an outdoor fireplace can adapt even to a luxury yacht. This beautiful linear fireplace definitely makes the deck feel like an outdoor living room, not to mention the fact that it successfully blends in with the mirrored wall facing the couches. Another good example of yacht fireplaces to feel the cozy feel that only a fireplace can transmit.

Sea Cloud by Sea Cloud Cruises

Lastly, we close our list with another classically crafted fireplace located inside the luxury yacht Sea Cloud. This example of our list of yacht fireplaces is made of marble, however, it reflects the care and passion that only the most talented craftsmen can place in their work. The elegant decoration placed all around the fireplace is also an extra point when it comes to making this a marvel of luxury.


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