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Nov 22, 2013

I share with you another ultra exclusive piece that would certainly have a special place in your dream home.

It is well known how the band kept on playing in the middle of confusion and terror while Titanic was sinking, even though its members knew there would be no lifeboats for them. Well, a violin that symbolizes this courageous act has just been sold at auction for a world record of $1.45 million.

design-limited-edition-unique-pieces-titanic-violin-sold-for-a-world-record2  TITANIC VIOLIN SOLD FOR A WORLD RECord design limited edition unique pieces titanic violin sold for a world record2

This is the violin Titanic’s bandmaster Wallace Hartley was playing as the ship sank into the deep ocean. This unique piece was sold with the leather luggage case in which it was found, containing the initials W.H.H., to a UK collector. Bidding for the violin started at just £50 but in a few minutes it had passed the previous world record of £220,000 for a piece of Titanic memorabilia sold at auction, a plan of the ship.