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Luxury Yachts
A Trimaran design for a new Luxury Superyacht
Oct 18, 2016

In a collaborative effort, a design of a radical and luxury superyacht was created between Australian trio Echo Yachts, Sam Sorgiovanni Design Company, and One2Three. They are responsible for the future of many wealthy citizens that simply cannot resist to the latest entries in watercraft transports. Composed by a futuristic appearance, this stylish and modern-day trimaran superyacht is bound to navigate the highest waters and surprise everyone with its advanced characteristics.

luxury yachtsThis magnetizing superyacht has 120-meter, therefore, delivering a spacious environment with unbelievably decorated interiors that are customized with all sorts of details.

2Echo Yachts, one of the main collaborators in this luxury superyacht, made sure that this yacht had as many functions as technologically possible. On the one hand, it has an incredible touch and go landing pad system in its foredeck whereas, on the other hand, has a supplementary helipad on its sundeck. These amazing features will allow anyone to just have an entertaining day in the company of loved ones by enjoying not only the water but all the sky.

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http://www.bocadolobo.com/en/products/cabinets.php3Another extraordinary feature about this luxury superyacht is that is able to accommodate up to 26 guests in its outdoor dining areas. One can also count with a private outdoor entertainment area and a swimming pool where one can only enter if they have the owner’s permission. It may be expensive but it will guarantee you the greatest of times.

5To ensure everyone’s safety and a calm voyage through the sea, regardless of the climate, gyro stabilizers were installed. In terms of velocity, it can reach 20 knots and a range of 5,000 nanometres while using a hybrid propulsion system. The yacht has a peculiar garage where you can storage anything you want.

luxury superyachtIt is a costly concept but for those who love novelties of such dimension, one would really enjoy the incredible comforts of this trimaran superyacht. Just picture how amazing you would look next to this astounding luxury superyacht.

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Source: http://luxatic.com/echo-yachts-teamed-up-with-sorgiovanni-design-for-this-gorgeous-trimaran/

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