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Luxury Yachts
A Celebrity Tale about a Luxury Yacht
Oct 28, 2016

This time around Luxury Yachts will reveal an interesting story by starting off with this question, What do the iconic Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling and Pirates of the Caribbean’s star Johnny Depp have in common? A luxury yacht! As the English writer bought a luxurious yacht from actor Johnny Depp in January of this year for £22 million. However, Rowling has put the 48 metres yacht back on sale for £15 million.

luxury yachtsThe Luxury Yacht, entitled Yacht Amphitrite, named after the Roman Sea Goddess, was formerly known as Vajoliroja in honour of Depp’s family. Rowling was deeply enamored with the yacht and saw buying it as the perfect opportunity to spend time with her husband, Neil Murray and two children.

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The yacht was built in 2001 in Turkey and has three decks. It can cruise at 12 knots of speed. Measuring 156 ft, this glamorous vessel comes complete with inflatable boats, waterski, a windsurf, a kayak, and snorkeling capabilities for all the guests to enjoy the water. It also has a home cinema, satellite TV and you can play all the video games you want. It also as a lounging area on the outer deck.

00006856_22Its interiors were designed by Art Deco at the request of Johnny Depp. Now, the main interior features patterned wall hangings, velvet seating arrangements, and new lighting. There is also an abundant use of teak and mahogany in its seating areas.

amphitrite4-1024x582The Luxury yacht accommodates ten guests, it has a total of five cabins, including the cavernous master bedroom on the main deck, among many other amenities.

1083_1e365So this is it folks, another tale of celebrity yachts. We hope you have enjoyed it and feel free to leave a comment below!

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Photos retrieved from: https://yachtharbour.com/

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/

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