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Best Luxury Yachts
Meet The San Lorenzo Boat By Bistmut And Bismut!
Jul 10, 2020

Article originally published on May 28, 2020




Bismut and Bismut are amazing French architects and top interior designers. Daniel and Michel founded a design studio that conceives and produces personal and unique designs for residential projects and commercial projects worldwide. Refusing to be classified, Michel and Daniel lead a transversal reflection through a large variety of orders of various scales. They work on different interior design projects: one of these creative works was the contemporary interior design of a superyacht built by San Lorenzo shipyard in Italy called “San Lorenzo by Bismut”.



Daniel and Michel Bismut design from the detail of a piece of furniture to the architecture of a building. They like to work with the lines, space, and materials and simplify architectural vocabulary, keeping only the bare essentials.


Take a look at this superyacht interior design: it is a masterpiece! This modern interior design is about volumes, lines, space, and material, simplifying architectural vocabulary by keeping only the bare essentials.



This superyacht interior design was built from the ground up, entirely customized and unique – something that is usually only available on one-of-a-kind mega luxury yachts. Also, this Sanlorenzo superyacht is a top product of a 5-stage customization process.


The luxury interior design project identifies the number, the size, and the types of cabins. It also delineates special-purpose areas, whose function is to satisfy the customer’s specific entertainment, relaxation, or fun needs.




Owning a Sanlorenzo’s superyacht like this one designed by a top design studio means having the opportunity to choose the materials involved in creating a sailing boat. Sanlorenzo has established itself among the world’s best: this superyacht is a symbol of luxury lifestyle, and expensive yachting vehicle, and an ode to exclusivity.


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