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Best Luxury Yachts
See the new Lavilla yacht by French designer Jérémy Kitzinger
Mar 9, 2019

Lavilla yacht is a conception that came from the mind of 21-year-old French designer Jérémy Kitzinger. The ship was created alongside the team from Lateral Naval Architects who in their turn handled the engineering and naval architecture of the vessel.

See the new Lavilla yacht by French designer Jérémy Kitzinger

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What’s peculiar about the Lavilla yacht is the fact that this ship has all of her elements organized in a different matter than you usually see in traditional yachts. Among the features that are more relevant is the fact that the owner has an entire deck only for him, as well as some other ‘creative spaces’ in the forward and aft areas of the vessel. Not to mention the fact that the owner has a workshop, a media studio and a 100 square meters area complete with full height windows.

Once inside the Lavilla yacht, guests will also be greeted by two atriums. One is central with a height of 9 meters complete with a garden that allows people to see through the entire 110-meter length of the yacht.

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In order to create the Lavilla yacht, Jérémy decided to combine some traditional design rules with some novel ideas that definitely gave the ship a special touch unlike many others often seen in this industry.  One of the main ideas the French designer had was breaking out from the same visual repetition of the same space on each deck seen aboard. A look at the images of the yacht concept reveals to us that each of the spaces seen is different in their own way.

Another concept he had in mind was the way friends and families spent time together applying his own idea on that matter to let the layout spaces flow effortlessly instead of dividing them. Indeed many of the spaces of the Lavilla yacht are made with the intention of promoting several social activities, among them basketball with a complete field atop the ship. Despite being distinct from each other the divisions seem to belong perfectly together in the same area in the Lavilla yacht.

What did you think about this article about the new Lavilla yacht concept by French designer Jérémy Kitzinger? Do you think this yacht is indeed distinct from many other vessels in the industry? Let us know in the comments!

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