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Project L: The Hybrid Yacht From Thierry Gaugain and SuperYachtsMonaco
Aug 2, 2020

Article originally published on November 15, 2019




A hybrid yacht concept is definitely the next milestone for the yachting industry, due to its amazing contribution towards the environment, as well as its innovative features developed by breakthrough technology. The next step for the yachting industry is to improve even more the vessels, without harming natural resources. Today, Luxury Yachts is about to present an innovative yacht, Project L, a creation by Thierry Gaugain and SuperYachts Monaco!

Credits By Superyachts Monaco

Meet the L Project, a new ultra-modern 120-meter superyacht concept, that was recently unveiled by designer Thierry Gaugain and represented by broker Alex Banning from SuperYachtsMonaco. The designer created an ovaliform exterior shaped-vessel, in one-way glass, improving the combination between a classic sailing yacht and motor yacht.


Credits By Superyachts Monaco

Its exterior appearance and eccentric look have the goal to demonstrate its openness and transformation, allowing itself to be “an ever-changing sculpture”. Also, the use of special exterior paint will create a shape that’s flexible and that it is possible to transform according to its surroundings. Gaugain’s first solo creation features sustainable propulsion, an underwater Nemo room, beach club, helipad, escape pod, and heli-skiing station.


Credits By Superyachts Monaco

This unusual luxury vessel is able to accommodate between 12 and 36 guests on board, plus a crew of up to 40. It also combines all guest areas on one single deck to create a multi-functional open-plan space. Other amazing features will include a spa, two swimming pools, and a gymnasium plus a forward-facing owner’s lounge made entirely from glass for panoramic views of the ocean.


Credits By Superyachts Monaco

Before Project L, Theirry Gaugain has worked closely with Philippe Starck for two decades on projects such as the  A, Wedge Too, and Venus. Accumulating a massive experience on that collaboration, he gained all the skills he needed to pursue his solo creation. This luxury hybrid yacht will be powered by a diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system for fuel-efficient long-range cruising.


Credits By Superyachts Monaco

For this project, light is the most essential element. L will receive significant focus and innovation in the provision of light on board. Natural light shall enter the interior through the windows, supplying the inside with a quantity of light that’s almost unimaginable. With that amazing and transforming element, this hybrid yacht stands as one-of-a-kind!



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