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Support Yachts: why is this a trend right now?
Dec 8, 2018
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Despite the fact that support yachts have been around for a while, right now it’s a remarkable trend among yacht owners. But what makes it worth it to have a smaller yacht alongside a bigger yacht?

Support Yachts: why is this a trend right now?

As the name somehow indicates these mini yachts are there to provide an extra space for people who have outgrown their bigger boats and need more space. This extra space can be necessary to keep helicopters, speedboats, launches, and also submarines, therefore making them act like a sort of garage on water.

Support Yachts: why is this a trend right now?

This trend may have started to gain a little more interest from yacht owners thanks to the launch of the SEA AXE 6711 by Amels. This 220-feet ship has the extra space needed to keep one mega-chopper, several speedboats, a submarine, and even jet skis and scuba gears. Two ships have already been sold and Amels has stated that there is a growing interest among interested customers.

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In fact, the idea of having a smaller support yacht as a helping hand does bring some considerable advantages. The possibility of having more free space on the main yacht is the main factor, considering that by having a support yacht the owner can store all the toys, chopper pads and other things onto this miniature garage.

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And let’s be real: landing a helicopter on a mega-yacht can be very disruptive for the owners of and guests on a yacht, especially if they’re outside enjoying the sun. Having another yacht to land a helicopter can save a lot of trouble to owners especially when it comes to space and the noise.

Support Yachts: why is this a trend right now?

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