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Take a Look at one of the Largest Sailing Ships in the World
Oct 26, 2016

Did you know that one of the largest sailing ships of the world is owned by a Russian Billionaire? His name is Andrey Melnichencko and he become particularly wealthy after various successful industrial and commercial investments. His superyacht costs about $300 million. Luxury yachts is about to explore all the jaw-dropping characteristics of this gargantuan sailing ship.

sailing shipsSpotted being sailed for the first time in Strande, in Northen Germany, this superyacht has a complete amount of eight decks and its masts are 300ft tall which is quite a remarkable feature. The vessel is actually called Sailing Yacht A. Besides owning this massive sailing ship, Melnichencko and his wife Alexandra Melnichencko to whom he married in 2005, also have a motor yacht and a villa in Antibes, among many other luxuries.


Notably, Sailing Yacht A is actually bigger than London’s Big Ben. Compared to the superyacht, boats or yachts floating about the water look like child’s play. It was methodically built for the successful industrialist in Hamburg, in 2011. It is powered by a hybrid diesel-electric system. It has an overall length of 468ft and it is able to cruise at 21 knots of speed.

sailing-yacht-aBe ready to be mind blown by the next features as this yacht as an underwater observation pod. Furthermore, the ship also has an helipad, a submarine, elevators that are connected to the decks, and free-floating staircases. In addition, it is composed of a digital control system which facilitates everyone’s lives when sailing. sailing shipsWhat more could you ask for in a yacht? It is literal perfection. Sailing ships like this one are simply mesmerizing to look at.

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Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/

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