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Luxury Yacht Destination Guide – Middle East
Nov 6, 2014

The Middle East is a place of exotic tradition that few dare to explore; rich in natural resources and resplendent beauty, the coastline of the Middle East is breath-taking. Though many may argue the boundary lines, one thing is certain: this ancient cradle of civilization is bursting with intriguing adventure and glorious luxury.

I already advised you some great yacht destinations and luxury travel guides, like the mediterranean and cities like Sydney. In the same way I already mention a place in the middle east, Dubai, but today I will talk about the best places to be with your yacht in the region of the middle east.

With billions of dollars being sunk into Abu Dhabi’s superyacht industry, and over 200 natural islands and more than 700 kilometers of coastline nearby, the Abu Dhabi luxury yacht and charter industry is growing from strength to strength. All along the Arabian Gulf, and Abu Dhabi, in particular, a fascinating series of marinas are taking shape and forging the way towards Abu Dhabi, the UAE’s capital city, becoming a yacht charter or superyacht owner’s paradise. Abu Dhabi yacht charter and boating is on the increase. Abu Dhabi, the largest emirate of the seven sheikhdoms that make up the UAE, is the world’s richest city according to CNN’s fortune magazine and there has been a stead increase in luxury yachts and charter boats in the area.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dabhi Yacht Show YAS Island Yacht Club Yas Marina Night Yas Marina

Abu Dhabi is nestled in a gentle curve of the Arabian Gulf and as the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), it is the powerhouse of the Middle East yachting. The wealth of Abu Dhabi is breathtaking being the wealthiest of the UAE’s seven-state federation and resting on one tenth of the world’s oil riches: it contributes to a national GDP of US$ 158 billion. There have been 16 large marine projects in Abu Dhabi, in recent times, the most impressive of which is Yas Island. The luxury yacht development features an awe-inspiring and futuristic mega yacht marina, along with a Ferrari theme park, a water park, polo clubs, luxury hotels and luxury retail; all surrounded by a world-class Formula One racetrack and occupies a total area of 10,000 square meters. The island attracts the world’s elite and elicit envy from every corner of the yachting world.


Dubai Marina Dubai Yacht Club Dubai Yacht Dubai

Dubai luxury yacht charters, and indeed yachting in general, is developing very quickly in this part of the Persian Gulf, along with many other industries. In Middle Eastern terms, Dubai is already a major luxury yacht center with facilities to welcome or supply luxury charter yachts from motor megayachts and sailing super yachts. Enjoying so much Gulf coast, boating is central to most of Dubai’s extensive development program. New luxury yacht harbours and marinas are springing to meet the increasing demand for yachting.

The International Dubai Boat Show, which is moving from strength to strength, is indicative of the successful yachting developement in the Middle East region. The Dubai Boat Show showcases new luxury yachts for sale and for charter in the Gulf region. The Dubai Boat Show (DIBS) is already looking to be bigger than the previous shows. Superyacht builders and designers are lining up to bring their luxury yachts for display to some of the world’s most notable yacht enthusiasts.

Hurghada, Egypt

Egypt Luxury Egypt yacht destination Hurghada Marina Yacht Destination Hurghada

Hurgada lies in the coast of the Red Sea and one of the tourist destinations in Egypt. From a small fishing village, this area is now a favorite holiday resort for both local and international tourists. With its long stretch of sand that measures almost 40 kilometers, mild climate and outstanding underwater garden of fishes and corals you will surely love this place. There are many hotels and things to do while on a holiday in Sharm Hurgada but most of all, this place is a god venue if you want to do some yachting.

Chartered yachts fill up the waters of Sharm Hurgada for those who want to enjoy the area in a very luxurious way. They have a marina for luxurious yachts to moor and anchor. Its marina can hold up to 220 yachts that can reach up to 5 meters. Its marina has is northern breakwater which makes this place a great place for your yacht to take shelter.

If you want to leave you yacht for a while, you can venture into the town and enjoy Sharm, Hurgada. Its exotic beauty will totally leave you breathless and in awe.

Everyone knows of the abundance of wealth in some places in the Middle East, and the true is that this region is becoming a hot spot for yachting. It’s without a doubt a luxury destinatination.

In the words of Amanda Armstrong, responsaible for a leading global yacht chartering, “the Middle East will become very popular in the years to come.”

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Emily Taylor
Emily Taylor
9 years ago

Such a lovely views… I’ll adore to travel to middle east! Wondering if an american girl can be all occidental dressed up

Marge Kome
Marge Kome
9 years ago

I wished to be in one of those places! Great post 🙂

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