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Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show
DKOR Interiors Demonstrastes The Finest Of Florida’s Design
Sep 9, 2019



DKOR Interiors firmly believes in the motto – “Concept. Collaborate. Create.” – in order to succeed in the interior design world, in the most amazing way possible. This firm is based in Florida, United States of America, and it’s responsible for the most amazing projects, and also surprising on the design of luxury yachts. Today, we’re about to unveil an exclusive interview that we had with the company’s founder, Ivonne Ronderos.


Credits by DKOR Interiors

Florida it’s one of the go-to places to explore the best within the interior design industry, and DKOR Interiors it’s the best example to illustrate that same fact. Their design identity is able to reflect on the stunning settings they create and that is because they invest in the opportunity of “constantly learning new things”. The ability of “learning about new things like trends and design approaches, and meeting people that share similar passions” is definitely what drives them to be one of the most talented companies in North America. To improve each day, Ivonne looks “for new design shows to visit, new methods to incorporate into our design studio or items that we can include in our projects. There are two parts of my life here at DKOR: the company and the projects. They both teach me so much about the industry and myself every day”.



Credits by DKOR Interiors

The interior design firm displays amazing settings, whether residential or on a yachting lifestyle, that is exclusive of their “own creation”, although sometimes they collaborate with “local or international vendors to create custom pieces for some of our residential projects. Whenever we work on a custom design, we do specify this is a collaboration with our firm, DKOR Interiors”. Through their accomplishments, they intend to “impacts people’s lives for the better — not only those of our clients but the positive impact it makes with our design team and local vendors”. Through their bespoke settings, they’re able to establish their design identity, onto every project, even through yachting design, as you can see through some of these exquisite examples!



Credits by Forest Johnson

Right now, they have many exciting plans aligned for the future of the company. “We have exciting residential projects on the way. We’re designing dream homes for lovely families — projects that go beyond all that we’ve done before in terms of scale and/or style. We are all so excited to be working on creating these homes, where the inspiration always comes from our clients and the families that will live in them”. Families are clients that are involved in these interior settings, and DKOR Interiors couldn’t be more enthusiastic to be a part of these specific projects.



Credits by Forest Johnson

Creatively speaking, Ivonne believes that the future trend in the design world sits on “a design approach that aims to create beautifully curated, not just decorated, spaces. They utilize finishing touches that include collected objects chosen to evoke emotion and translate the story they’re wanting to share with the design of their home”. As far as craftsmanship goes, she really thinks that “Italians set a pace in interior design with their cutting-edge craftsmanship and distinctive design”. On the eyes of the founder, Italy shares the most cutting-edge design, because when they “think about design excellence, “Made in Italy” is a phrase that always comes to mind. It has become a synonym of high-quality materials and innovation. It’s not just about profit for them, it’s about integrity”.



Credits by Forest Johnson

The interior design company also believes that the focus of the design world in the future is definitely “the clients and their needs”. It will be a “human-centered design where the focus and attention will always be the end-user and their specific needs and requirements. An exclusive focus on a decorative aesthetic or on the own style of the design professional is no longer gratifying”. So, in their focus and goal, they are invested in putting the client first, as they always did, making sure that every setting is absolutely perfect. With that ethos in mind, DKOR Interiors stands as a very talented design company with amazing projects that you should definitely check out while you’re attending the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2019!


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