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Luxury Yacht Interior Designers
Top 10 Luxury Yacht Builders Around the World
Jul 13, 2017

Designing or building a luxury yacht is a complex process that will ultimately provide a series of experiences to design enthusiasts. Discover the most sought-after and professional luxury yacht builders in the world, whether one is looking to customize or build something new, these are the go-to’s in the industry.

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♣ Amels (Netherlands) ♣

Top 10 Luxury Yacht Builders Around the World 1
Here Comes the Sun yacht by Amels

Regarded as one of the top builders in the world, Amels manages the largest superyacht shipyard in the Netherlands. Offering full custom-made services and a wide variety of limited edition superyachts, Amels has almost produced 60 superyachts, including the extraordinary vessel, Here Comes the Sun.

♣ Christensen Yachts (United States) ♣

Top 10 Luxury Yacht Builders Around the World 3
Silver Lining yacht at the Christensen Yachts’ Facility

Being a renowned specialist in the use of fibreglass, Christensen Yachts have created a superb fleet comprised of 35 full and semi-customized superyachts that are simply divine. Their ultra-modern facility is located in Vancouver, Washington. The shipyard is able to build yachts up to 50metres in length and the Casino Royle and the Silver Lining are some of their most distinguished productions.

♣ Heesen Yachts (Netherlands) ♣

Top 10 Luxury Yacht Builders Around the World 5
Galatica Star by Heesen Yachts

Specializing in custom superyachts that measure in between 30 to 65 metres, the Dutch shipyard, Heesen Yachts is considered to be one of the top luxury yacht builders in the world due to their focus on high-quality and innovation. To this day, the brand has developed nearly 170 yachts being one of them, the famous Galatic Star luxury yacht.

♣ Lürssen (Germany) ♣

Top 10 Luxury Yacht Builders Around the World 7
Azzam superyacht by Lürssen

The Germany-based shipyard, Lürssen specializes on providing excellence in custom-built superyachts. The family owned shipyard is known for building the very first motor yacht back in 1886. Owing five shipyard facilities in Northern Germany, Lürssen has a vast history in the industry, having produced over 13000 vessels that range from 60 to 220 metres in length.

The German shipyard has been responsible for building some of the largest yachts in the world, including the Azzam superyacht.

♣ Oceanco (Netherlands) ♣

Top 10 Luxury Yacht Builders Around the World 8
Equanimity by Oceanco

Having produced some of the best yachts in the world, such as the Alfa Nero, Nirvana and Equanimity, Oceanco is renowned for providing a highly personal service. The yacht builder launched its very first design in 1992 and is now seen as one of the most ingenious shipyards in the Neatherlands and worldwide.

♣ Blohm+Voss (Germany) ♣

Top 10 Luxury Yacht Builders Around the World 2
Motor Yacht A by Blohm+Voss

Blohm+Voss is one of the most experienced builders in producing large custom motor and sailing yachts that are updated with the latest technological advancements and aesthetics. The shipyard is based in Hamburg with a space that spans 421,000m2 where they build, refit and do maintenance of luxury superyachts. Blohm+Voss has conceived one of the finest yachts to perform on water, the Motor Yacht A.

♣ Feadship (Netherlands) ♣

Top 10 Luxury Yacht Builders Around the World 4
Savannah by Feadship

Owning four shipyard facilities in the Netherlands, worldwide renowned shipyard Feadship is known for creating completely custom yachts, in addition to also working with superyacht owners since the 19th century to develop one-off luxury motor yachts that are truly unique. As of today, Feadship has created over 250 Feadship yachts in navigation, including the likes of 95m Venus, 83.5m Savannah and the 101.5m Symphony.

♣ Fincantieri Yachts (Italy) ♣

Top 10 Luxury Yacht Builders Around the World 5
Serene Luxury Motor Yacht by Fincantieri Yachts

The Fincantieri Yachts are experts in providing full custom luxury yachts that measure over 70 metres. The yacht builder has manufactured some of the most astonishing vessels in the industry, including the extraordinary Serene luxury motor yacht and Ocean Victory.  It is a part of the Fincantieri enterprise who has manufactured about 7000 vessels and is regarded as one of the largest Western shipyards in the world.

♣ Perini Navi (Italy) ♣

Top 10 Luxury Yacht Builders Around the World 9
88m three-masted schooner Maltese Falcon by Perini Navi

The Perini Navi Group is comprised of four independent companies that specialize in various markets, including sailing (regular, large, racing or cruising types) and motor yachts. To this day, the group has launched 57 sailing yachts and 3 motor yachts. Perini Navi has conceived the legendary 88m three-masted schooner Maltese Falcon sailing yacht which holds the record of being the second largest in the world.

♣ Sunseeker Yachts (United Kingdom) ♣

95 Yacht Sunseeker

Based in Dorset, the Sunseeker yachts provide custom and semi-custom luxury yacht solutions in carbon fibre and GRP composite materials. Sunseeker has produced about 150 boats that range from 15 to 47 metres.

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Source: Yachting Pages

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