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Check out this amazing yacht project by Eric Charles Designs
May 22, 2019

Eric Charles Designs is a good example of a company with a flexible and very technically detailed service in regards to more than one type of interior design projects. Today we’re introducing you to an amazing interior design company which has also had a take on the interior design of luxury yachts.

Check out this amazing yacht project by Eric Charles Designs
Note: all photo credits go to Eric Charles Designs

Eric Charles Designs is a company that successfully created a solid reputation for designing custom luxury homes for several types of clients. They have a work philosophy according to which a home should be beautiful, functional and original at the same time.

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The company has a firm consideration for their clients’ needs, desires and aesthetic preferences having managed to create solid projects as well as solid relationships with each of their clients. Regardless of the type of interior design project, they provide their clients with some of the best furnishings one can see in a luxury home. In the words of Eric C himself: “I seek to create spaces that are warm and livable on a daily basis. A home should be beautiful, functional and original.”

Not to mention the fact that this company also provides a variety of services aside from all those related to interior design. Among them, we can include plumbing, lighting and electrical installations and also some services in other relevant areas such as schematic design, bidding and negotiation and even shop drawing review.

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However, it’s to note that Eric Charles Designs has already tackled the luxury yacht interior design sector. As an example, we have this amazing vessel they’ve taken on Miami, Florida. Both inside and outside of the ship has been equipped with the most comfortable and luxurious furnishings one has ever seen.


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