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Best Luxury Yachts
Top 7 best examples of luxury yacht GYMS
Jan 21, 2019

Even yacht owners value their workout exercises on deck. If you want to get your fitness journey started on board we will be giving you some inspiration to get you started. Here are 7 of the best examples of luxury yacht GYMS.


Top 7 best examples of luxury yacht GYMS

This gym has a wonderful interior design not only in the choice of color patterns and lighting but also in the little decorative elements. This is a truly luxurious space for you to run uphill or get those abs working. After all, who says exercise only has to be outside?

Lady Britt

Top 7 best examples of luxury yacht GYMS

A Panoramic Sundeck Gym truly is a dream for many yacht owners who love to exercise. Lady Britt’s gym is a wonderful example of a space that gives you all: the proper workout equipment, the natural light necessary and the lovely sight of the Ocean all around. Not to mention the fact that after you finish just take a relaxing trip to the jacuzzi.

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Lazy Z

Top 7 best examples of luxury yacht GYMS

If you’re more of a traditional gym fan you’ll find the gym of Lazy Z to your liking. Aside from all the equipment to help you on your fitness journey. The interior design is filled with warm wood finishing on the floor and ceiling, surrounded by mirrors on the walls. Not to mention the fact that you can put up music anytime to get you moving.

Grace E

Top 7 best examples of luxury yacht GYMS

Grace E from Perini Navi-Picchiotti is a good example of a yacht that has a gym built with the best lighting advantage. The windows and skylights surrounding the workout space created on the upper deck not only allow plenty of natural light in, but they also allow astonishing panoramic views to the owner while working out.

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Top 7 best examples of luxury yacht GYMS

If you’re definitely a firm defensor of the fact that exercise has to be performed outside, then the next example might please you. Tugatsu provides guests the chance for an alfresco fitness experience. Not only will you be feeling the fresh oceanic breeze, but you’ll also see every detail of the landscape your yacht passes by while burning some calories.


Top 7 best examples of luxury yacht GYMS

4 You, like Grace E, has a gym with a wonderful position and with all the lighting and viewing advantages to it. It also has the proper shade in many areas depending on the sun’s position. We bet you’re already dreaming of the panoramic views you could be having aboard this vessel.


RH3 was a yacht which was rebuilt with the onboard gym being a detail to be pondered. The sky lounge division has two large windows which allow the occupants to enjoy the most wonderful sea views while working out. Not to mention the decorative detail with the warming woodwork which creates a welcoming sensation.

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