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Best Luxury Yachts
These are 7 of the best yacht beach clubs out there
Mar 18, 2019

There are many styles for yacht beach clubs: some can just be a diving spot to catch some waves while cruising, while others can have spas, bars and even gyms attached to them. There are many possibilities for a beach club on board so today we’re giving you our list of the top seven of the best yacht beach clubs out there.


These are 7 of the best yacht beach clubs out there

Opening our list is the largest British refit project to date. Or as we’d rather think of it, the perfect example of a yacht refit in which the beach club was definitely one of the main areas to receive special treatment.  A skylight added to bring in more light to waterside chill-out spot and also the tender garage access was moved to the starboard stairwell which


These are 7 of the best yacht beach clubs out there

Currently known as the world’s largest ketch, Aquijo is a vessel that has enough space for accommodating a spacious beach club. This area also includes, to the guests’ comfort and relaxation, a hammam, a sauna and a spectacular spa pool with skylight illumination.

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Chopi Chopi

These are 7 of the best yacht beach clubs out there

Admit it: you can just imagine this spot as the perfect setting for an onboard party right? However aside from being a lovely space to chill and sunbathe the beach club has an entrance to some lovely spa facilities with a sauna, massage room, and hammam all included in the mix. Perfect for a relaxing experience onboard right?

Excellence V

These are 7 of the best yacht beach clubs out there

Thbeachis yacht’s club is cleverly set on the side in order to avoid guests from being disrupted by tenders launching aft. You can find a private bar in this space, and when the side door is lowered there’s some extra space to place some lounge chairs.

Just J

These are 7 of the best yacht beach clubs out there

Jus J’s beach club present a unique concept by having a gym that allows for a rigorous workout right next to the water. After a training session, the guests can go chill out in the side-loading tender garage filled with inflatable sofas and fold-out panels. A perfect reward for an after training session wouldn’t you say?

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Lady Candy

These are 7 of the best yacht beach clubs out there

Lady Candy is a yacht with an unusual layout going for her. This is probably a sight of a beach club that might actually encourage people to stick around inside for a little longer. With comfortable seats, portholes at the water level and a gym set to starboard this is a lovely space to sit around sipping a cocktail while feeling the waves underneath your feet.


These are 7 of the best yacht beach clubs out there

Lastly, we have Vicky‘s sea level beach club complete with a full relaxation area including a spa pool, steam room, shower, yoga space, and also a treatment room. The decor in this area is also made special with the use of teak and limestone in many details giving this beach club an Asian like touch to it.


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