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Luxury Yachts
Interior Yachts designers Sá Arannha & Vasconcelos
Feb 14, 2014

It’s been a while since the last time you hear about Luxury Yachts news. It is because I was doing a research about some interior designers, who does their jobs inside yachts and make them look pretty amazing. So let me introduce you today,Sá Aranha & Vasconcelos with some of their best work.

Their career

Started in 1985, the company was born from the dream of their funders who combine effort, energy and creativity. Inspired by the great names in architecture, interior design and the arts, as well as the travelling and in all a little of the daily surroundings, always showed a big passion for esthetics without losing sight of the functionality of the spaces. After 26 years developing projects in urban, rural, private and public settings, new challenges appeared in “moving settings” with the project of developing the interior design in 2 yachts. The 39 meters yacht Maioria and the 43 meters Bagiletto.


Maioria 2 Maioria Bedroom Maioria dinning room Maioria kitchen Maioria



Baglietto bathroom Baglietto living room Baglietto living-room Baglietto room Baglietto Baglietto

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