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A look at some amazing yacht interiors done by Porta Galleria
May 23, 2019

Porta Galleria is a good example of a rising interior design force in the Philippine landscape. This company seeks to collect some of the most amazing lightings, interiors and artefacts to be added to both their “Curatorium” and to their interior design projects. They also have their own takes on luxury yachts, so let’s take a minute to look a little deeper into their portfolio.

A look at some amazing yacht interiors done by Porta Galleria
All photo credits go to Porta Galleria

It should be no wonder that Porta Galleria’s name is “The Door to the Gallery” in Italian. As a matter of fact, one of the main goals of this company’s work is to find the most unique pieces that they feel worthy of being added to their “Curatorium”/Showroom.

Within this amazing space, you will be able to find some top quality furniture, lamps, furniture, fabrics and decors coming from more than one creator. Among them we can include bespoke furniture companies such as Porta Romana, Boca do Lobo, Pieter Adam, BRABBU, Benetti, Essential Home.

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Other relevant services from Porta Galleria include elements such as customized Interiors, Lighting and Artifacts and, of course, managing the budget. With the help of their extensive team of trusted artisan masters, individual handcrafters and high-end manufacturers Porta Galleria has managed to gain a significative reputation as finding some of the most unique furniture pieces ever seen in many luxury interior projects.

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Porta Galleria also has a strong point of being a certified and licensed automation specialist that will simplify clients’ indoor and outdoor automation needs. Elements that are needed for the proper functioning of a home, from automatic heating and ventilation to other decor elements such as lighting design this company provides to their customers. Throughout this article, we can have a look at some good examples of Porta Galleria’s takes on luxury yachts.


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