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Best Luxury Yachts
Have you seen the Princess 72 yacht interiors by Yvette Taylor London
Jun 1, 2019
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The Yvette Taylor London Studio was created by award-winning interior designer, Yvette Taylor, which has grown to become a renowned name within the field of luxury interiors. With that in mind, today Luxury Yachts will be taking a look at both the history of this company and also to one particular yacht project: we’re talking about the Princess 72 yacht.

Have you seen the Princess 72 yacht interiors by Yvette Taylor London
All photo credits belong to Yvette Taylor London

Yvette Taylor, the designer, has had 22 years of experience in luxury design, not to mention the fact that she’s also acquitted with producers in Italy and England. She has a lot of contacts who have assisted her in the creation of some amazing exquisite interiors made from the finest products and materials.

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Though the Yvette Taylor London studio is currently based in London (as the name indicates), her work has extended to places such as Geneva, Verbier, Mallorca, Marbella, and Munich. The designer has successfully completed over 80 luxury interior design projects. The main specialities regarding Yvette Taylor London’s projects are definitely luxury villas, contemporary homes, London townhouses, apartments, chalets, and yachts. Yvette Taylor’s studio is a good example of a company prepared to work in different environments and coming up with distinct, bespoke solutions for various interior design projects.

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Among the top projects done by Yvette Taylor London when it comes to luxury yachts, we can definitely point to the Princess 72 yacht. The owner of the yacht had two goals in mind: to provide luxurious interior design and soft furnishing services, and also to replace the previous scheme of dark blue and grey tones by introducing lighter colours to illuminate the internal spaces.

The salon of the vessel was one of the most tackled elements, having received scatter cushions with silvery and cream tones, using Carlucci and JAB fabrics, as well as many decorative pieces for Italian Marioni collection. Then there’s the master suite which was decorated with Alhambra fabrics, in ivory and cream tones with the purpose of making a striking contrast to chocolate brown velvet cushions with decorative buttons and piping.

All in all this amazing vessel has a classy tone marked by brown, being and grey shades, as well as decoration made with Manuel Canovas fabrics, for example, and amazing furniture. With this project, Yvette Taylor London has definitely managed to create one of the ultimate examples of 21st Century luxury yacht.


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