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Best Luxury Yachts
This 90-metre DAR is Oceanco’s latest futuristic luxury yacht
Dec 13, 2018
Maison Valentina Diamond Bathtub

The ship by Oceanco is set to make her grand debut at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show. The 90 meter DAR features some of the latest advancements in glass technology when it comes to ships.

This 90-metre DAR is Oceanco's latest futuristic luxury yacht

The exterior of the DAR was first penned by designer Luiz de Basto around eight years ago. De Basto has stated that he had always been interested in the use of glass as a way to improve people’s contact with nature as well as the views. The initial sketches for the ship were made in October 2010 and at that time it was evident that the glass windows were going to be one of the highlights.

At first Project Shark (the name given to the project) wasn’t so attractive considering the futuristic risks it would be taking, however with time the creators were warmed up with the concept. As a matter of fact, the project’s name came from her curved wing stations, which during construction were shaped like a shark’s fins.

This 90-metre DAR is Oceanco's latest futuristic luxury yacht

When it comes to the outside of the ship, something people immediately notice is the aluminum superstructure, finished in reflective glass and offering panoramic floor-to-ceiling views as well as to, port and starboard. There are 400 square meters of glass glued to the structure, a work which required a firm precision by the building team.

This 90-metre DAR is Oceanco's latest futuristic luxury yacht

This 90-metre DAR is Oceanco's latest futuristic luxury yacht

On the inside, there is an evident contrast between light and dark, as well as a nature theme present throughout several spaces. The wellness and SPA area are adorned with leaf motifs, which are embossed onto the light floor paneling and her walls.  An elegant decorative element that will make some people stay inside a little longer.

On the aft deck, de Basto created a 360-degree rotating sofa in order to offer the owners more flexibility. There is also an al-fresco table with a center detail which can be lowered beneath the rest of tabletop, therefore giving the guests more space for some afternoon snacks.

Maison Valentina Diamond Bathtub
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