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Luxury Yachts Presents the Greatest Sport Utility Yacht
Nov 7, 2016

For all sports and yachting enthusiasts, OCEANEMO and FunAir will collaborate together to create the greatest Sport Utility Yacht, which is set to rule  due to its cutting-edge design and overall amusing gimmicks. It is 55 metres of fun just for you.

Sport Utility Yacht
Source: Yacht Harbour

This original concept is going to be a new experience in the boating industry as it was never done before. One of the main purposes of building this Sport Utility Yacht was that it would reach a wider audience, meaning that both gene Xers and millennials will very likely be flabbergasted by this innovate yacht.

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It was designed by naval architect Fulvio De Simoni. It has a unique allocation of spaces, both internally and externally when it comes to volume and saving equipment. On the half-raised deck. there is a full beam hangar which has 105m². Due to such characteristic, Oceanemo 55 is considered to have one of the largest storage surfaces while also having a veranda and a sort of beach club.

FunAir was responsible for the design of all yacht toys in a tighter and lighter manner. This will allow the owners to adventure into the sea and nature while having all sorts of amenities and toys, from inflatables to submarines, to slides, to water motorbikes, amongst many other tenders.

Source: Boat International

In conclusion, check out this video and take a deeper look into the inaugural OCEANEMO Sport Utility Yacht as it is sailed through shallow waters.

“The Sport Utility Yacht  offers a new yachting lifestyle which includes marine, sports and adventure activities and which really allows a full discovery of the surrounding world!”  Aldo Manna

Source: Oceanemo  / Nautica Press

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