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Top Yacht News
Monaco Yacht Show 2015 – Top 6 Luxury Yachts exhibitors
Jul 22, 2015

Save the date from 23rd to 26th of September, because all the attention will be on Monaco Yacht Show 2015. And as yacht lovers, today we bring you the top 6 luxury yacht exhibitors that will be in Monaco to show their best yacht designs.


Monaco Yacht Show 2015 – Top 6 Luxury Yachts exhibitors 6

Engelberg Luxury Yacht by Amels

AMELS has been building ships since 1918, but it was in 1982 with the construction of KATALINA that the builder set out on a more specialised path. The 48-metre yacht created a new image for luxury cruising and established AMELS’ reputation for building the finest superyachts. AMELS has since built more than 50 luxury yachts, not least MONTKAJ in 1995, the Terence Disdale 75-metre being the largest yet to be delivered by AMELS. The world’s first MCA-compliant certified vessel, the 50-metre TIGRE D’OR, paved the way for the creation of the successful Limited Editions concept in 2005.

Azimut | Benneti

Monaco Yacht Show 2015 – Top 6 Luxury Yachts exhibitors 5

Azimut | Benetti is the world’s largest private group in the yachting sector. The majority shareholder is the founder, Paolo Vitelli, who has been firmly in command for more than 40 years.

The Group’s success comes from its passion for what it makes, the care it takes of yacht owners, and the desire to experiment with new technologies and always to surpass itself. But it also comes from a solid organisation and a very clear strategic plan.

Blohm + Voss

Monaco Yacht Show 2015 – Top 6 Luxury Yachts exhibitors 4

Eco Superyacht

“A ship is more than just a technical product. It is a commercial and nautical statement, and a highly emotional one. It has been built to ensure the safe passage of people and goods over tens of thousands of nautical miles. Anyone who understands this in head and heart knows very well why we are the right people to consult.”


Monaco Yacht Show 2015 – Top 6 Luxury Yachts exhibitors 3

Sirius Superyacht

If you are considering chartering a Feadship, it makes good sense to talk to the specialised Feadship Charter Division. We serve a global client base of discerning individuals who appreciate the value of spending their priceless leisure time onboard the world’s finest motor yachts. With our unique understanding of every Feadship, the Feadship Charter Division is perfectly placed to discretely and seamlessly customise your charter experience precisely to your needs.

Heesen Yachts

Monaco Yacht Show 2015 – Top 6 Luxury Yachts exhibitors 2

Angel Superyacht

A yacht is a beautiful way to expand your horizons in glorious comfort. But when that yacht is a Heesen it can be so much more. Only a Heesen yacht can take you to the destinations of your dreams by pushing the boundaries of quality, performance and design and offer the high level of luxury service you are accustomed to in your daily life.

Perini Navi

Monaco Yacht Show 2015 – Top 6 Luxury Yachts exhibitors 1

Salute Sailing Yacht

The story behind the Perini Navi Group started with a new vision of sailing: a vision of large yachts with ample living spaces that, in spite of their size, were maneuverable by a single person. A challenge launched to tradition that connoted sailing yachts with confined spaces and large crews. A break with the past that freed creativity from the confines of habit and opened new aesthetic roads. Backed by a project so well thought through as to be a considered philosophy and by a new understanding of the mechanics of winches that was unique in the world, Perini Navi radically changed the way large sailing yachts were desigined and re-estabilished a disappearing market. [..]

Dont’ forget to travel to Monaco in late September to visit and know the top 6 luxury yachts at Monaco Yacht Show 2015.



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